we offer a service who will do it everyday job much easier


We pay everyday car drivers for driving with an advertisement on their car. This allows advertisers to get their message seen in an original way and reach a wider area of people, while also allowing our programs’ car drivers to make money for something they do already


Ideal solution for people who want to be eco-friendly and do not want to spend a fortune on scooter just because it runs on batteries


Extraordinary tool for Exceptional appearance ecommerce in cooperation with iOS and Android application

Service in your service

It is our pleasure to share our innovations with you


SpofyAds gives drivers an easy source of extra income, plus the power to choose the marketer and their car’s “look”: full, partial or panel advertising. Brands receive the security of control and benefit of trackable results. Advertisers and drivers share access to powerful tracking, analytics and reporting, which chronicle campaigns, pushes notifications, gathers insights, offers scalability, and promotes and accepts bonus offers

I7 design studio

Even if you have never been interested for Internet selling, you'll want to start. i7-Design offers you, wonderful webshops for every purpose, some of the largest companies in the world can compete with the design and functionality, but even they can not commend with own iOS App. i7-Design with great pleasure represents solution: with webshop you will get the iOS App that your customers will be able to download through the iTunes Store. We hope that yours customers love your webshop, just as we love our.

econ shop

ECON SHOP trade is positioned in the heart of the Hungarian in the center of Budapest. It was established in 2016 years with a view to the European market bring electric scooter that if the quality will not fall behind the European brands but at very affordable price. Something more than a month after the Chinese premiere we imported a series of M which was a real date, design quality and favorable prices. Currently ECON SHOP offers all models NIU electric Smart scooter at the best prices.

ECON Priority International Delivery

From April this year ECON SHOP offers customers the fastest and most reliable delivery service to most major cities in Europe. Unlike traditional international shipping, where the purchased product replaces several modes of transport, ECON Priority international delivery after order shipment is delivered directly to the place of delivery, without any delays, and when you see fit

NIU E-Scooters